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  • Can you help identify?

    I don't think this is an artifact but it's an interesting rock. I have 2 pieces like the one I'm showing. It is covered in small, very metallic dots. I don't know how to explain. The black dots are very shiny. It's incredibly shiny but my camera will not show so I made the last picture out of focus on purpose so you can see the shine. The litt!e black dots do flake off of the rock. Just wondering if anyone had ever seen something like this piece. Thanks for any help!
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    South Carolina

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    Looks porous, like pumice or scoria, altho scoria’s “pores” bigger and not so uniform, but none of my pieces of those have mica or any shiny stuff in them. Maybe some form of Ga/SC red sandstone? Whatever it is, sure forum folks figure out. It’s very, very intriguing, not to mention cool!
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    • Josie
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      It is neat but not pumice. I think it looks porous because of whatever has started covering the rock. I actually think it's banded. There's a stone under all the black shiny material. I've had it for months and hold it everyday wondering what is it?!

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    The black dots, are they flat on both sides. Could be a form of mica.


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      Banded iron formation...see if a magnet pulls on it at all...
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        Josie, I thought the same thing you did ,it’s the core and something is inside .
        I have tools and a few points with the outer core left on .
        Are you willing to break it in half .. then you can tumble ..


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          It looks to me like micaceous sandstone, which - if iron-stained - will be that colour.

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