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  • Help with rock ID

    Just needing some help on identifying this rock I found in Vermont.
    I am assuming part of it is quartz but can’t figure out the black coating crust.
    (I 100% know this is not an artifact just need help in ID of rock material)

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    what part of Vermont? Those bubble like objects in the outer layer are cool.
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      Western southern Rutland County

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    botryoidal psilomelane occurs in Vermont you can read more about it in chapter one of this PDF CHAPTER I. SOURCES OF MANGANESE read just under the word " oxides" Please note I am not a geologist but am just trying to help. Someone may be along and help further.
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      Hoss hit the magic word- botryoidal

      It looks like botryoidal hematite, but it could be something else I guess.
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        I think Clovis has it. I've seen that formation here in Pa. Kim
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          Wow! You guys are amazing! Thank you for your help! My kiddos and I are making a rock collection and this one had us stumped


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            I went with psilomelane because manganese is black and grey whereas iron is usually earthy with dark brown being the color for hematite to reds and even yellows in limonite. Its a cool specimen . Glad we could help you.
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