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  • Unknown Artifact Detailed

    In this picture I see like a primitive picture of a prehistoric bird top left, mountains top right, a valley bottom left and then a sun or moon to the right and to the right of that something like a horse. ( a primitive painting or etching, look up other primitive drawings found on cave walls and you will see hopefully. I do not know what this is but I do not think its Native American. That is why I put it on here so I could hopefully find out more.

    In this picture I see from bottom left to right some type of object which I am gonna leave you to form your own opinion. To the right of that a cross, then a a lightning bolt with something under it and to the right of that a boat maybe with waters flooding or something. Above that a boar maybe and something else I do not know.

    If you can not see it after this I guess I will just look elsewhere for more knowledge on something like this. I have done so much research on this thing and everyone that I have shown it to in real life see what I am talking about when I point these things out. Look and will see, open your minds. Thank you for all input and try to see what I do. If nothing else at least let me know what type of rock this is.
    This is not a joke, it is a real rock found in flood waters. If you would like to see more pictures and help me in identifying it just send me your email and I would very greatly appreciate any help.

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    Brandon as far as material it may be what is known as Upper Mercer Chert, or Coshocton Flint. The white lines in the material are called "Lightning strikes" by some. Have a few points made out of this material. Looks porous to be chert or flint, but can't really tell from a picture. Hope that helps a little Brandon.-Bill