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  • tool/fossil/rock?

    can anyone identify what I found? I found this in the creekbed behind the house. I have also noticed about 3 more that is inbedded in the creekrock. It has a flat bottom, a seam going around the outer edge.It is around 5 to 5 1/4 inches long, a slight curve at the top, and a ridge about 1/2 inch from bottom, that could have been used to secure it to something. I am just curious, it could be nothing more than a few uniquely shaped rocks. I would appreciate any input anyone has on this find. Thank you. i will try to put some photos on hereof it. Oh it cracked middleways when i picked it up.

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    It could be a knife form, however with the ridge on the top it could have been a net weight of some sort. Maybe some other pictures at different angles would help, and area that you found it. Not probable alot of help but I hope it is closer than where you were.


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      Looks like a limestone rock and quite natural.


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        It's probably a geofact.