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A very unusual blade

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    I am glad your 6 years has put you in the category of the respected members. Most have 30 years plus in identifying artifacts, spoke with numerous professionals and have handed thousands of artifacts. They are just not chert artifacts they have handled. And most will tell you that they find more broken pieces than the few good pieces in their collections. Most have a broader base of information than most professionals. We as a forum are not bully's but do not sugar coat a rock, and will give accolades for all that post true artifacts. It is our responsibility to tell the truth for all members benefit, and do so of our own free time and generosity to educate. We are not here to have confrontation, be called bullies, because you don't like the answer. But when a rock is called an artifact, then we are obligated to not perpetuate a false claim from all members, with the collective membership not being misguided.
    None will tell they know it all, and all will tell you they only seek the truth. To get argumentative seem you have closed mind and have no intent on learning. With that said your more than welcome to stay, but if you already know it all, then I suggest we are beneath your presents.
    Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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      I’m confused!

      When you introduced yourself a month ago it was a case of: “I'm really looking forward to picking ya'lls brain!”

      Now, suddenly, it’s a case of: “… you guys are bullies and self proclaimed experts that take pleasure in flaunting your ignorance of anything that isn't a chert point” and our forum is read by your (unspecified) “local academic experts” for laughs.

      If that’s the case and the opinions of the people here with many years of experience are so worthless, then why did you bother to join?

      What we often find here is that claims (such as yours) for “six years of experience” usually turn out to be "one year of experience six times over." There’s a big difference.
      I keep six honest serving-men (they taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.


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        Originally posted by Igotideas View Post
        Lol, you guys are bullies and self proclaimed experts that take pleasure in flaunting your ignorance of anything that isn't a chert point. Just because you bully this forum, still doesn't make you anything but trophy hunters. I'm not sure if you noticed but I didn't ask for opinions on what it was. I use local academic experts for that. Who, BTW, read this forum for laughs.
        No, you didn't ask for opinions on what it was. But, since you were mistaken in your identification, what sense would it make not to correct your mistake, if possible? Given enough experience, the ability to distinguish rock from artifact becomes second nature. A person does not have to spend time analyzing and going over a checklist. The recognition is more or less immediate. But it usually takes a good deal of experience. Whatever amount of experience with artifacts you have, it was not enough for you to recognize you were showing us a rock, not an artifact. And, rather then appear to be slamming you(bullying), I pointed out that there is nothing wrong with being mistaken. There is also nothing wrong with being corrected. Unless one is so arrogant, and protective of one's ego, that being corrected leads to remarks like your own. So, your reply reflects on how childish you are when corrected. And the local academics you reference would never tell you that rock is an artifact unless their expertise was in a field other then native artifacts, or if they were humoring you.


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          Originally posted by Igotideas View Post
          Also, the other picture with 2 artifacts? One is a Stanfield knife and the other is a reporposed short, flared bit Celt. And since I'm having to educate you, I should tell you that there are many of you hunting spots that have been seeded. Just thought you might want to know so you can temper your smugness.
          All my places to hunt are rapidly being played out. Would you do me a big favor and put some time in seeding my spots? Or, if you already are seeding my spots, could you at least put them where I can find them??


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            Please tell us who the local expert is who identified that rock as an artifact. I could use another laugh.
            Michigan Yooper
            If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything


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              I wanna meet one of these jokers that are throwing arrowheads into fields.


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                They have to be doing this to get a rise out of us


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                  Native American butter blade.
                  پححعظ شاهبيل


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                    Originally posted by justinberry View Post
                    Native American butter blade.
                    The guy just disappeared without substantial information and able to verify claims such as his expert archeologists.
                    We have all seen bullies on the internet and elsewhere, and his misinterpretation of our input on his "Rock"
                    Well you posted this (NEIN!!!) and it said it all!!!!
                    He wound up being the bully stooping to name calling, outrageous.

                    Thank you for a good laugh.

                    Jess B.
                    It is a "Rock" when it's on the ground.
                    It is a "Specimen" when picked up and taken home.

                    ​Jessy B.