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Three possibilities.

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  • Three possibilities.

    I've posted pictures of three different items we've found here on the farm.

    Possible artifacts?
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    The first pictures, captioned as "unknown" are of an item that has us completely bumfuzzled. My husband found this in the pasture. We have no concept what it is, if anything--but it is unique and just doesn't look like a randomly-occurring thingamabob. But I could be wrong!
    The second and third objects appear to me to be something used in the hand, possibly for shaping? I have a very large hand and you can see that both items fit naturally and comfortably. I found them both in the same general location (within 3-5 feet) of the area in which I have found most of my artifacts.
    Am I looking at geofacts or what? I'm open to ideas and opinions.

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    Hi again; I am just thinking,up here we find what we call "Lap Stones" Flat stone they used to work on. Kind of a small work bench. The one stone with the square center looks like our work benches. If this came from a spot you have found artifacts good chance.The rest look like just rocks but I have just been around Columbia River stuff. Someone else here said if you don't pick them all up you will never find artifacts. True keep looking. I have several of those that my wife uses for plant stands.??? Our garden is full of Indian rocks and she has little use for most of them. Good to see your posts. Keep it up and Thanks Ron


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      Those all look like rocks to me, nothing man made.


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        Hi Anna,
           I have to agree- they are natural rocks unaltered by man.


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          Thanks, gentlemen! I appreciate the help.