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Limestone Bird Pendant 2"

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  • Limestone Bird Pendant 2"

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    See my post here...

    This is also a natural rock, sorry.

    Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


    • FourWinds
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      Mother nature makes some nice stuff...
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    • Kyflintguy
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      No problem Four winds, its good to bring home interesting rocks and seek further opinions on what they may be if your not entirely sure and there's no shame in that. Truth is there are may classes of artifacts that are not easily identified even by folks who dedicate lots of effort to research... but once you familiarize yourself with looking at grind marks, peck marks, drilling rings etc the sorting part becomes much easier. You can cheaply purchase broken artifacts and use them as study materials but there are many good photographic examples available for free online and here on this site as well as threads outlining the things to look for when trying to identify worked lithic artifacts .