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Concave bases

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  • Concave bases

    I thought these are cool. Hard to capture with cell

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      so what is it that we are looking at there?


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        Yeah, I'm not seeing tools here so the term "concave bases" really doesn't apply. When your looking for flaked stone tools they should show evidence of being knapped into form.

        Knapping is identified by visible flake scars traveling across the surfaces or on the edges of the artifact creating a working edge capable of accomplishing task usually in the form of harvesting and butchering animals for food. The process of knapping creates lots of lithic debris or debitage. I think you may have one piece of lithic debris but I don't think the darker rough stones your showing are suitable materials for tool making. Sorry, but keep up the hunt!
        Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


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          Well around here basalt is the main supply around and I’ve heard it has a high silicate content so fractures well for tool makers.
          With basalt after tons of seasons sitting in a river the knapping marks get easily worn down. If you look carefully it’s there.
          We don’t really have access to obsidian or good chert locally. There’s a lot of grinding technics going on. Took me a long time to start to recognize them. My eyes were do trained to avoid basalt looking rocks and focus on more Flint like stones.
          I have found hundred's of obsidian and chert material points and lithic material but this stuff is more unique