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65,000 year-old Swiss Army knife

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  • 65,000 year-old Swiss Army knife


    For those who are aware of my location I thought to share this which crossed my plate recently and struck an inspiration through recollection. I am fortunate to live in the exact area which is known to have been inhabited for at least 20000 years, fresh water to my East and brackish tidal water to my South and West. I have personally found paleo artifacts that have been dated back many, many millennia and the oldest fossil to date I have found is extinct coral being at least 251 million years old that was delivered here from the recession of the ice caps I was informed. Point being, puns included about points, that I have found hundreds of native points and artifacts from more recent times and continue to be shocked in what I find as my knowledge and interest on various topics from the area grows.

    Here is a link from last week around our area of interest since you are reading this and when I saw this I froze and paused. Presented with all the evidence I alone have collected from where I live I undeniably reside in an area that was occupied by previous humans for an extremely long time. It therefore makes logical sense that even before Native Americans took up this spot that others before them lived here as well and left all of their tools along the shoreline for future people to find, me included.

    For the last decade I have been walking the beaches around the house and returning home with my small satchel of finds which I then review. Back when I was new to this hobby the only thing I knew to look for were the "supermodel '' points and as everyone knows the "super models" are few and far between among all the other much more "common" items. As time has passed I have been made more aware through discussion, sharing, and reading on what to look for and with that in mind "only if I knew then what I know now." See I do have the ability to go back in time because every single satchel I brought home over those ten years I dumped under my deck because I was too lazy to walk back down to the beach and dump the unknowns. I have wheelbarrow loads of spoils under my deck from that decade of walking and this article inspired me to question what I may have missed. Lest I save you the time and tell you now that I once was very ignorant on this topic and I tossed out *a lot* of relics but yesterday was an eye opener on what exactly I do have here from an archeological stand point, a literal mine field of history dating back many millions of years and everything that occurred over that time. I spent 3 hours yesterday sitting over one wheel barrel load and after sorting the large and medium items I am left with a massive small pile of rock that contains a lot of relics. Within that pile I located an item that is very similar in appearance, flint knapped as well, to what was found from this article linked within. I am no expert on any of this but the experts have visited my location and reviewed several of my finds confirming that they are in fact authentic and very old yet here I am with yet another potential artifact that aligns visually with other documented finds that I too will add to my collection.

    This hobby continues to inspire me as one who has been fortunate through hard work to have had vast experiences in life; founding and exiting multiple companies, built several enterprises technology platforms through personally building and architecting all the systems, and having met several "famous" people along the way in all my years of 'success' however I tell you now there is NO OTHER feeling I have ever come across in my life of being the first person in thousands of years to pickup a stone relic which once was the only way to survive.

    Stay Healthy!

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    I can sympathize with your enthusiasm in learning about the past, but I'm seeing some confusion on your part about your finds and their subsequent age.
    Youve linked an article referring to artifacts finds from Africa. The occupation timescale on Africa and Eurasia is significantly different than here in the America's.
    I understand there is alot we don't understand and that at some point stone tool technology traveled from Asia via Beringia or the Kelp Highway but there should be an understanding of entirely seperate tool industries and timescales.
    I know there are some intriguing artifacts such as the cinmar biface and the dates have been pushed back at many of the known early Archaeological sites. However that does not mean that unifacial flake tools and other artifacts found here on the eastern seaboard thar may coincidentally resemble early human and pre human tools from Africa are related at all.
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      Thanks for the specific reply as enthusiasm and purposeful exercise is my driver in this area of my interest as I am no expert nor claim to be. The professional archeologists that I have met and talked with on many of the unique items I have found cannot definitely say what those items are but only that they have been worked by humans, their purpose to never be really understood since it was lost with the users. Since this is just a hobby for exercise with an educational benefit of my interest I do not make a claim on anything which I have presented in any of the posts and this aligns with the professional archeologists which I have contacted that tell me the same about their own deductions on my finds, they do not know for certain what I have found as it is primarily an educated interpretation. I greatly respect that the hundreds of stone items I have found linked to human occupation in this location are not as old as this article linked states however I do know what the aforementioned experts have stated about my location and the finds I continue to locate with some items dating back to the Neolithic and possibly Paleolithic time frame. Given the density of finds in my immediate area I will just continue to chase that enthusiasm while also getting exercise from something that I love with an occasional post here and there to share. One thing is certain, whether it be fossils, tools, effigies, relics or whatever else erodes from the surrounding lands I will continue to search as long as I am able to find even more since the erosion here continues to increase and produce even more items from the past.

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    Well… i hate to be the bearer of bad news…. But im sorry, that is not an artifact. It may be a piece of debitage at most, it looks like possibly a jasper. But there is no actual “work” on it. Stones that conchoidally fracture tend to pick up chips and dings thru out time that sometimes gives the impression of it having been worked, when really its just the way the stone type breaks naturally.
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      Good points, I'm stayin outa this one. K
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        I can’t tell much of anything without a few side and end views please..


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          Apologies as the reflection off of the only ruler I had washed out some of the detail. Next round of photos I post I will attempt to get the views you request.