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Stone Tool? Brown Jasper Material?

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  • Stone Tool? Brown Jasper Material?

    I am a newbie who loves being outdoors and collecting pretty rocks, artifacts, etc. We are from Llano, TX. The item below was found walking in the Llano River in Llano County, TX. My daughter and I have found many objects that we believe might be stone tools of some sort. I have been trying to sort through everything and organize it all by category. Hard to do unless you can identify it first. I thought I'd put one or two items on this forum periodically to see if anyone would care to help mentor us? Or possibly point us in the right direction for this area. Appreciate any help! We really enjoy this!!

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    If I didn’t welcome you before, please let me say WELCOME now! I think you have a rock, but I am learning myself, so I maybe someone more experienced can tell you differently. This is a great place to learn, and I bet a mother-daughter team hits the ground running! You are in Large Lithic Land, my nick-name for Texas, and you have tons of artifacts. I sure do look forward to seeing y’all’s finds!
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      That sure is some nice material, and choice for the NA. If it was worked, it has been in the water a long time and the flaking is worn so badly it is hard to tell if it is NA. Just my thoughts. Kim
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        Welcome from west central Florida..As Kim stated it’s very water worn but it has the characteristics of a flake knife..Could tell for sure if it was in my hands..


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          Thank you for your helpful responses and kind words. Here is another piece of Jasper? It is a pretty buttery gray and yellow color. I think it is some sort of preform. It is 5.25" long, 2.75" wide and 1.50" thick in the middle.
          The second piece, I believe to be some type of wedge? Similar material (brown Jasper and some Conglomerate?). It measures 3.50" long, 2.25" wide (along the thinner spade part) and a little over 1" thick at the thickest section. Any ideas or thoughts on these4 two pieces. They are cool!


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            First one looks worked and water worn. second looks like there might be some fossils in there. BTW- welcome.