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First Woman Artifact? Any ideas anyone?

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  • First Woman Artifact? Any ideas anyone?

    Found this beautiful piece in Southern Oregon on my husbands property that he and his Native American family have lived on for seemingly forever. It was found within 300 yards of Klamath Lake, on the old Klamath Reservation.
    I took pictures from different angles. It fits very nicely in the hand. Maybe an old tool?
    Thanks for looking!

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    Welcome to AH...........
    This rock is rather peculiar.
    It looks like something from one angle but then it looks like a geofact from others.
    Annomolies always makes for good conversation. It is not an artifact.
    There is one other thing, something for size context.
    Jess B.
    It is a "Rock" when it's on the ground.
    It is a "Specimen" when picked up and taken home.

    ​Jessy B.


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      Hello Lynne and welcome to That looks like a volcanic rock called Basalt. Now for the hard part,   In my honest opinion, I do not see the hand of man in the formation of this rock.
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        I have to agree with the others. This appears to be a natural stone.
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          In the 3rd pic it looks like there is a circle/hole down by the legs of the rock. Not a hole that goes all the way through but non-the less a circle.. Am i right? Or, is it just the lighting on the pic?


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            Just a cool rock!


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              Hi Cricket,
                  Yes that is a hole that you see. My husband thinks-because it fits very nicely in the hand, where the groove is where they would pull the Nettles and tule through when making twine.