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rocks shaped like arrowheads?

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  • rocks shaped like arrowheads?

    Been finding several rocks at a NA site that are shaped like arrowheads, I was tossing them aside, buy started finding more so kept a few just in case they may actually be something. I would not think they are, but want to be on the safe side.

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    I think your first impression was correct. I don't see any flaking on these that would lead me to believe they are actual artifacts.
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      Thank you, the only thing I could think of was some type of weight possibly. Just odd to find so many that have that shape and that gave me a slight pause to check my own knowledge


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        Well I would say welcome to AH dot com.
        But Iguess I should put that in the new members....
        I saw your points and you bet you find most of your better stuff digging.
        Yes your rocks do look kinda like....... what the?????
        It's an old joke here that at least they do not look like "turtles".
        No guys, I'm not gonna give it a rest.
        If you filter back through the what is it you will find a posting about turtles.
        It lasted for a while and some of us got a good kick out of it but it's locked now.
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