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A bedtime story.

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  • A bedtime story.

    Whenever I was working in North Florida I tried to find stuff local to that was 1979 I pulled into White Springs in n. Fla.,I stopped in a little restaurant, and started a conversation with locals, asked em how they found arrowheads around there, the waitress spoke up and said we look on each side of the graded roads, Then she said her husband had a few( Found out later everybody had a few ). I said where can I find him ? Then she said I get off in an hour come on over to the house and wait he’ll be home soon..Well I had Big John with me but still...two guys alone with a stranger..( It was a town where folks didn’t lock the front door ). Well big John was a big teddy bear and everyone felt comfortable,Sitting in the living room i was looking at the fish in the fish tank,What! The bottom is covered with flakes, What! ..lo and behold I spot this point among several, She tells us she found it in the Itchetucknee River, i guess my tongue was hanging out cuzz she said if I wanted it I could have it, I reached in and the rest is history,her husband came home and We went back to the restaurant and had dinner ( on me of course,desert included.).its a Wacissa , early Archaic.Its not that it’s a great point it’s just that I didn’t have that type. Goodnight!. Click image for larger version  Name:	image.jpg Views:	2 Size:	230.5 KB ID:	433997
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    Great story I changed your title for you.
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    That's point . . Don't ya wish that's how things were today?



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      When the residue analysis is done on that one, it'll be found that goldfish & key lime pie is what the natives were hunting for
      Good stories Hal!
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        Wow they thinned that one way up with that "flute"... could be an older piece refashioned by Wacissa people??? I think Wacissa is a fairly rare type because it seems sort of local at least where a lot of them have been found...not by me!! waaaaah lol I think this point may be a Wacissa Subtype 2, according to Bullen..
        They are beveled on all four sides and often serrated. Click image for larger version

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