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Been digging lately @ shelter L3 &L5

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  • Been digging lately @ shelter L3 &L5

    I missed all summer digging and I can’t believe I didn’t do ANY!! Well I’m making up for it this week been 4 times this week for about 1-2 hrs . Shelter L5 gave a nice serrated jacks reef and a hammer stone and some misc. @ L3 I’m working on busting up a huge portion of ceiling that fell 1000 years ago. My son and I both found nice nutting stones today with a few brokes. We will tackle it tomorrow and try and finish busting that big slab of ceiling for a couple hrs . I’m posting some pics and is not my typical artifacts round up style and will contain pics from both sites.

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    That’s some fine workmanship on Jack..That looks like high grade flint your busting up..Good to see you guys diggin again 👍


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      Sandstone. The reddish tint I believe is from many years of fires 🔥 heating the ceiling . Definitely more brittle that the top. Will see if there’s a treasure under the rock . Hoping maybe was occupied when collapsed and there’s a pot I can piece together

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      Good haul guys! Good ur back at it!
      SW Connecticut


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        Nice finds. Glad you’re back digging and posting!
        South Carolina


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          Some very nice artifacts your finding.
          South Dakota


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            Hey just an update I’m posting the two nutting stones. Not all nutting stones I’ve found show heavy grinding on both sides. Mostly they are rocks that are naturally shaped or creek tumbled then pecked but the one in particular shows heavy grinding (like used as a Mano) pitting from being used as a nutting stone and also an abrading stone which is a first for me. I’ve found nutters that we’re used as a hammer stone and nutting implement, also with a combo of grinding/Mano /nutter but have never seen em used in combo as an abrader too (both sides). Click image for larger version

Name:	797B4A20-28EC-47D2-85C5-5E135E8E604E.jpeg
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              Click image for larger version

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ID:	592488 Here’s today’s update. We used blunt force trauma to bust up that big slab this afternoon. Unfortunate that the ceiling is about 7” high so had to use a lot more effort to get we done. We found a beautiful dart today and a busted metate that was obviously crushed by the ceiling that fell. There’s still about 20 buckets of dirt so will see what else is under there tomorrow.


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                Click image for larger version

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ID:	592495 One more pic of brokes from L3


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         shape on that point


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                    Originally posted by smbore View Post
           shape on that point
                    Not sure on the type yet . Can find my book . I would say these mountain Indians have a style of their own .