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Otzi the Iceman Movie (trailer)

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  • Otzi the Iceman Movie (trailer)

    Trailer for Otzi the Iceman "Story" I'm sure there is a lot of artistic license but will still be interesting!
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    Artistic license indeed Tom.
    I was watching a short documentary about him last night.
    One thing that I found interesting in this one was the speculations over why his bow was not finished (No notches for the string) and only 2 of his arrows were complete.

    The question put forward "were they ceremonial?"
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    • sneakygroundbuzzard
      sneakygroundbuzzard commented
      Editing a comment
      i dont think (and its just my opinion) that his equipment was ceremonial
      for one,why would a traveler carry ceremonial items and not the ones needed to survive in such a rough climate

      they can assume his bow was unfinished because it lacked cut in nocks
      but yew is a very soft wood(which is why the english used horn nocks) and most materials used for string(even plant cordage)
      can cut into the wood with the amount of strain that is placed on the nocks when the bow is drawn

      my guess is that the bow was finished and more than likely at one time had either sinew or raw hide wrapped just below the tips that would work as nocks and keep the string from slipping any further down the bow

      this is all speculation on my part,but i do make self bows and yes i have used yew.

      as far as the arrows not being finished
      for one it takes a long time to make a good and proper arrow(much more so than to make a bow),and it could be he didnt have all the necessary items to finish them,or the shaft may have been green yet when he died,and he was waiting on them to season before they were finished
      plus an arrow does not need to be fletched to fly well now does it need a point attached to kill game or birds
      most arrows for use on birds would either be blunt tipped or have 4 pieces (like a tic tac toe board) attached o the end of the arrow.

      when i make primitive arrows. i dry the shaft,then straighten them with heat multiple times until they hold a good straight profile.then i shoot them with out a tip or fletching on them.i shoot them out to 20 yards to see if they fly straight and hit at point of aim for the bow they are being made for.if they dont,then they got tossed out.if they do then they get a tip and fletch applied to them and then reshot to make sure they still fly right,and yes i have used them for hunting.

      once again just speculation and my opinion.
      but unlike all these highly educated people who make these assumptions,i have actual hands on experience making the same type of items he was found with

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    Looks good...there is a movie coming out in March about a prehistoric boy that befriends a wounded wolf. Its called Alpha...
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      I have seen several docs on Otzi and some speculate that he was on the move avoiding people pursuing him. Also they said that the Yew wood used for his bow could only be found a few hundred miles from where he fell. A great mystery intriguing...
      The chase is better than the catch...
      I'm Frank and I'm from the flatlands of N'Eastern Illinois...


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        Speculation or not, it'll make a good story. Looking at Tom's post of the trailer, I agree with him, it'll be interesting. Also - most of us are hunters (not all bow) and I agree with sneaky's comments. Why would anyone go into that hostile climate unarmed. Maybe it's because he was running from someone. If I remember, unless I'm confusing Otzi with another find, didn't he have an arrow point in his hip. I read the story of him being found and the later analysis. It's very interesting indeed.
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          I knew I had read an article about him and I found it in the July 2007 edition of National Geographic. They took all the scientific/medical findings and put it together to summarize the findings - that Otzi was murdered in the Alps. He did have an arrow point lodged beneath Otzi's left shoulder blade. I'll see if I can figure out how to post the link. It's a real good read.

          Scientists have poked, prodded, and x-rayed the 5,000-year-old mummy found in the Alps. They now think he was murdered.
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            Where are the sub titles? LOL
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              Looks great!

              Thanks for sharing the trailer.


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                Thanks for sharing! It should be a good movie... Otzi the Iceman has such a great story, and it should be a masterpiece!
                Inspired by Ötzi’s fascinating story for survival, German filmmaker Felix Randau attempts to revive the life of the most famous natural mummy in history though a feature film. Der Mann aus dem Eis (Iceman), was shot in the unfriendly mountains of Bavaria, South Tyrol and Carinthia and premiered successfully a week ago in Germany.