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Question on Overstreet Arrowheads Price Guide

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  • Question on Overstreet Arrowheads Price Guide

    Hi guys, I have the most current version. Is there any benefit to having the older versions? do they have any additional information? or is there different info in everyone one??

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    The most current version is probably best, but The older ones do have some different information in Them. Near The beginning of The Book's there is usually a special area about certain Cultures and Point's exclusive to that edition, I believe. Some Typology information is likely improved over time also.


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      My first version was the 10th version, which the lead story was about the Cumberland site in Kentucky by Phil Stratton. As for that article it was kind of a turning point for me in collecting, I began to see the more archaeological aspect of the hobby through that story. They all have a feature to them, but as far as the overall value of typology and learning that aspect from it, other than different variations maybe covered in older guides, the current guide will help you learn typology in leaps and bounds. I know my first did for me.


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        If you are just looking for type information and values, then the most recent one is probably the best.

        I have several of them because I like looking at relics.
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