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  • Wow.

    This is a 2015 article, so maybe somebody already posted it, but it's pretty mind-blowing....

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    Back when this went down I had friends that were guilty of looting too, scared the bajezus outa them and all trades ended.
    But sadly it's going strong again now...
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      Yes, this got passed around quite a bit. Greed, we humans are so good at it.
      Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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        Yes, sad that suicides were involved. 5 Southwestern tribes were granted much control over a 1million acre + tract of land which contained the sites involved in the looting, including Cedar Mesa, which contains the largest concentration of Ancestral Puebloan ruins in North America. All 5 tribes included the area as part of their oral memories and an ancestral area. That was several years ago, after the tribes and concerned citizens, such as Friends of Cedar Mesa, had tried for years to attain national monument status for the Bears Ears region of SE Utah. It was known as Bears Ears National Monument. It was reduced in size in recent years and two smaller national monuments were created instead. Not including Cedar Mesa, where most of the looted sites were located....

        This older thread describes the sites near Blanding in the area of the Bears Ears region known as Cedar Mesa. I highly recommend the videos by Dana Hollister. He has created the best video record of the Ancestral Puebloan ruins of Cedar Mesa, and he just does an excellent job. All of the lands involved are still various types of federal lands....

        When areas are remote, and difficult to protect, looting occurs. In the desert SW, this is especially true of intact pottery vessels, which can bring huge $$. In this video, Dana Hollister shows how to properly be a steward of our nation's prehistoric heritage, and not a looter....

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