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  • Brutal Journey

    I read this over Christmas and thought it would be of interest to the folks here.

    This history may be familiar to most - though it wasn't to me - but this telling is worth a second look for the quality of it's authorship and the emphasise he puts on on archeology to underpin this extraordinary saga.

    Survivors of the Narveaz' failed conquest offer witness to indian life in Florida and Gulf Coast states in the early 1500s in a first contact history like no other I've read.

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    That was some brutal times in our worlds history. Hard to imagine the mindset of those people/explorers...
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        He really shouldn’t of made it to tell the tale... He should of not made it past Galveston...
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          Thanks for sharing. I plan on reading it
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            Thanks for sharing tomf.....not only does this look will really be interesting to me considering i am originally from Florida.....ill definitely be checking this out
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              That's crazy. 4 out of 400 returning. Guess they should have stayed in Spain. Seems like a good read!


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                Read the preview. Just like the wall street journal if you hit airplane mode right when you get on page they can’t send the pop up to make you subscribe or log in to read. I’m cheap I guess . I guess they got what they had coming. There could have been a way to get land and live peacefully along side the Indians but this land was taken by greed,lies,worthless treaties, lots and lots of bloodshed. I don’t agree with killing in the name of God


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                  I didn't know this trick to hack onto restricted sites. Pretty sneaky. I like it.

                  I'm with you on killing in the name of god and feel the same way about brushing unpleasant history under the carpet.

                  This story is one of the very few that features episodes of indians getting the better of the invaders. So there's that.