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    Pretty technical but some good stuff here.

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    Thanks Tom, I read the Congo report. Now if I read it right, it seemed that there was a pattern to the points, and yet not! That make sense ? I’ll read the other this evening...
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      Editing a comment
      There are multiple issues available online. Recent ones are in english, earlier ones in other european languages.

      The science papers are available as either pdf or html (web page) which is cool if you like to download stuff.

      It's not focused on North America, more international, but I'm still interested and so much of that knowledge is transferable.

      I was looking at a paper with photos of English flint tools and it would be hard to tell them from what you might find in Texas or California.

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    Thanks, TomF!

    Since got so much quartz which unfortunately doesn’t scar like flaked flint, read lotsa stuff how quartz worked, including way-over-head article from (get this) The International Journal of Fracture (!) For technophiles only, add “Essential Mechanics of Conchoidal Flaking”, Vol 29, Issue 4, Dec. 1985, to reading list.
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      This is going to be fun to read . Thanks Tom