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Ancient monuments of the mississippi valley

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  • Ancient monuments of the mississippi valley

    This was a must have for my library. Not sure if the book has been posted before but a second mention can’t hurt. I fell down the rabbit hole reading about the mound building cultures years ago. Ancient Monuments Of The Mississippi Valley was published in1848 by the Smithsonian. The work by Squire and Davis is considered to be one of the first scholarly works of archaeology in the area of mounds and earthworks at that time in the United States. These two men visited, surveyed and explored the works in the late 1840s. This is the 150 year anniversary edition. Highly detailed descriptions of sites. Beautiful hand drawn survey maps and images of recovered artifacts. Some views and findings are out of date but a treasure trove of information nonetheless. Thankfully these two men got to many of these sites when they did because unfortunately most are now gone. A great book to have in any home library.
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    Right up my alley, Trav... I’ll be looking for a copy...✌️
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      Got mine from Amazon👍

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      👍.... thanks!