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How the Americas were populated

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  • How the Americas were populated

    I have never accepted the ice bridge as how the america's were populated. I found this on u tube and it sure makes an argument. It's quite long but really full of facts that I believe makes sense .
    Finding America - Seeking New Paleolithic Paradigms - YouTube
    SE IA

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    You are making me very happy today, OldRocks!
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      Can't hunt em but am learning a lot.

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    I never had trouble believing it,, Nice reasearch.


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      Pleasant surprise for a Monday night. Watched half. Cool to see the ancient man from Japan.


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        Curious how old this lecture is and how the debate (war?) around this controversial theory has developed in the last few years....Any new data, either way?
        For instance, have the blades found in ancient deposits along shore been dated to the time claimed?



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          The recent find in Morocco dating homo erected back over 1M years is just an example of how one find can completely change man’s origin story.
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            Interesting info and a good video to watch.
            The peopling of the Americas is something I've followed for most of my adult life.
            Some excellent resources I'd like to share to keep your interests peaked:

            1. Some of Dub Crook's you tube presentations regarding ongoing research on this topic and some of the sites being excavated across the continent.
            Dub is a member of the Houston, Texas, and Hill County Archaeology Societies, and a dang knowledgeable person.

            2. The "Mammoth Trumpet" is put out by The Study of The First Americans Department of Anthropology Texas A&M University.
            I think it's like $35 for a year, and there are 4 publications a year.

            Both are super interesting.



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              Thanks, will get 1 or both.

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            Always an interesting topic. I’ve been following the different theories for years. I have a middle of the road view on all those theories. Some are backed up by years of study and some are a bit sketchy. The more research that is done on the topic by all involved only adds to the big picture.
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              Thanks Lone Star for the heads up about Dub Crook, like his attitude that the science is on going, agree with him mostly, he laid it all out in that video
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