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  • History in the making.

    I wrote this piece for a program I did for a local Historic Society.

    History in the Making.

    A statement underrated!
    We are all a part of history in the making. Each and every person alive today, or that has lived before us are part of history in one-way or the other. We all have the potential to be of some significance to the history of human events. It is all up to the individual how significant they or we want to become, and sometimes we can have some impact without even knowing it.
    It would seem that human history started when people began to speak, or perhaps, with written language. However, in my own opinion, human history began on November 30th 1974. This is the day that Paleoanthropologist David Johanson, while working in Ethiopia’s Great Rift Valley, at the Olduvia George, discovered Australopithecus afarenis specimen# A.L. 288-1 “LUCY”, 3.2 Million years. In recent years, other discoveries of older Bi-Pedal Hominids then Lucy have been made, but it would seem that the significance of the Johanson discovery in 1974 would be a popular place to start the progress of hominid events.

    There are indeed so many significant people, and events that have made enormous impacts on society. From great wars, to great treaties of peace.
    Columbus’s discovery of the western hemisphere. Washington, Lincoln, Franklin, Caesar, Napoleon, as well as Ganjas Kahn, Hitler, Bin-Laden. To name a few.

    But what about in our own Valley? William Penn, would be at the top, followed by people like Chief Shickellamy, Conrad Wiser, Governor Snyder, Joseph Priestly, and Ner Middlesworth, to name a few. Certainly not all of these had any intention of going down in history as being great men.
    When dealing with preserving our own heritage, as we become a part of that process, we do in fact become a part of that history. Our names are added to the list of people who have been involved with that particular place or event.

    I personally have done work on the Leroy Massacre. Having spent many hours both on the subject matter, as well as many hours at the site it-self. Having written an article on that event, my name has been added to the history of that event.

    As each day closes, these twenty-four hours becomes the history of tomorrow. Each one of us recognized for our own contribution to today’s events, Weather significant or not, we all become, in essence, creators of our own history. As we are also creators of our own future.

    We as groups or individuals try to endeavor to preserve our own local Heritage for the future. We add ourselves to the history of that place or event. You too can be of some significance to local, regional, or yes even world events. We as preservers of the past need you. Join in, give of yourselves. We are all a part of the heritage of our areas, either great or small. Do something great, for your local preservation group. Become an active part of our own Heritage. Be a part of “History in the Making.” All you have to do is get involved!
    This has been a non-solicited message from -
    Kim Mattern

    Local Historian
    Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.

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    Cool thought...Now if you’ll please excuse me I Hafta go make a little history 🤗


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