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Warning to all that record Vid's and post them

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  • Warning to all that record Vid's and post them

    Music vid's are fun, but as this category gets traction and members start posting their finds, just beware of whats on that vid.
    Here is a Vid that I Googled from the area around me. The poster put it on Youtube, which I watched and from this I located his site. I did already know the site was there from another source, but it confirmed it. Just beware that what you put on this site or any other site, will be viewed. and what is on it can leave clues. So before you post make sure your looking at the "Total Picture" (Pun Intended) :crazy:  :woohoo:
    Take a look and you can see what I am talking about.
    Look to the ground for it holds the past!

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    lots of landmarks in that video.if i lived around there im sure i could figure out wheres its at.(not that i would)
    call me Jay, i live in R.I.


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      The way he kept panning back up to the sign it kinda looked intentional. :dunno:
      Michigan Yooper
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        Insitu pics can leave gps coordinates when taken with a smart phone also.


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          Good point . I will only do this if it's on my property .
          you know it's interesting in these timber fields no one ever looks that's why some of these big bad boys or like my friend had a perfect palmer are found .
          They are hunting leases as well and you would have to be crazy to go walk one if your not on the lease . Most of those guys don't care about those kind of points just the Antlers .
          To many guns for me.