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Gregory Perino 1990 Cahokia

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  • Gregory Perino 1990 Cahokia


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    Actually a gem, lived another 15 years after this video.,d.amc


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      Thanks Josh I never saw that
      TN formerly CT Visit our store


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        No problem Matt, glad to share it. Greg is the guy i have always heard about, first hearing about as an authenticator then an author and last a guy that would point somebody in the right direction as to where to find a site. Roy Capps a guy not many know of told me about talking with Greg, told him about a site in OK. I don't talk with Roy anymore but wanted to go to OK someday to get to know him a little better. Now what i mean above "is a gem" is how neat it is to see Greg standing there looking over the sites on film, that's pretty cool! There was another oldtimer on film talking about all the sites and how many points they could find. Think he was being interviewed sitting on his porch and Arkansas comes to mind. If I find it I will post it.


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          OH, Here he is. Don Dickson but will make a topic for him also.