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  • The Secret Lives of Paleoindians Talk

    This is an excellent lecture.

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    Thanks HiLo


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      Ah ha, I found the post again. I loved this video. I wouldn't normally sit and watch something this long but glad I did. I have found Illinois fluted points that I have not reported in survey. What suprised me was that kaolin chert wasn't discussed. I have got to know lots of older rock hunters and collectors. And handled dozens of kaolin Clovis points of which I am sure not a single one was documented in any survey. I would have figured that kaolin would have been traded as described in video. On a different note I was pleased to hear him admit that the vast amount of knowledge was held in the hands of rock hunters and collectors. I was amazed at how low the number of documented paleo points were. Just goes to show how much there is to learn. I know of nearly a quarter of the number mentioned in private collections. I think that the average ol Joe hunter-collector dose not trust anything that is affiliated with government or the term"archeologist". That is a shame because I agree the vast amount of knowledge is held by the average hunter and not shared.