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Uncontacted Amazon Tribes

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  • Uncontacted Amazon Tribes

    Uncontacted does not refer to tribes that have never been contacted, or unseen at all. Many utilize Western trade goods, for instance. Instead it refers to tribes who have made it clear they desire no further contact with the West. Of course, some have experienced almost no contact with actual Western people.

    You may recall this unusual aerial footage from a few years back...

    And a National Geographic doc from last year:

    Home page for Survival International:
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    I posted this somewhere yesterday after a few beers....


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      Some have chosen to remain separate from Western civilization?


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        Can you imagine? What are they thinking, lol....

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      Originally posted by Jethro355 View Post
      I posted this somewhere yesterday after a few beers....
      I know. That's what inspired me to search up some clips of isolated tribes. That plane is actually an art installation in Argentina. Snopes had a report on it and the number of backstories invented to go with it.


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        I laughed out loud, a lot, when I saw that. I do wonder what people who live like that think when they see airplane flying around and people staring out of it...