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  • Jerry and Marge Bet Big

    This is an amazing story, and just a lot of fun. The second clip, "How a retired couple found lottery odds in their favor" was on 60 Minutes last night, 1/27. I have not as yet watched the first clip, about Hollywood picking up their story. If you're so inclined, watch the 2nd clip. Only about 14 minutes. Astounding that this one retired Midwestern guy was virtually the only guy in America to discover this easy to spot loophole. A very likable couple as well....
    Rhode Island

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    I love that story ! Money did not buy them happiness . They were happy living the American dream ! JJ
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      Yep, and they shared their secret with their friends. All their friends had to do was trust them. It paid off.

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    That is amazing and they just rolled with it and not only made it work for them but also their whole family, which is huge, and twenty five members! Way cool.
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