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    Anyone ever seen the Revenant?
    Short video with some info about the real Hugh Glass
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    An amazing story of survival and thirst for revenge - his trapper lifestyle finally caught up with him in 1833 when Indians killed him and his two companions.

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      In late 1832, Glass moved to the newly-built Fort Cass, three miles from the junction of the Bighorn and Yellowstone rivers. This was a trading post for the American Fur Company (AMFC) and Glass worked as a hunter, initially supplying meat to them and then also beaver pelts. The post traded with the local Crow Indians, with whom relations were friendly.

      In the spring of 1833, Glass together with Edward Rose and Hilain Menard, left the fort on a beaver-trapping expedition. Unluckily for them, while crossing a frozen river, they were spotted and ambushed by a large war party of Arikara Indians who had been scouting the area for horses to steal. The three men were shot, scalped and stripped of their possessions.

      James Beckwourth provided an unverified version of finding the bodies and of the Crow Indian reaction to Glass’s death:

      “We returned together and buried the three men, amid the most terrible scenes that I had ever witnessed. The crying was truly appalling. The three men were well known, and highly esteemed by the Crows. When their bodies were lowered to their last resting-place, numberless fingers were voluntarily chopped off and thrown into the graves; hair and trinkets of every description were also contributed, and the graves were finally filled up.”

      Shortly afterwards, some of the Arikara war party responsible for the killing duped another group of trappers on the Powder River into providing some campfire hospitality by pretending to be from a friendly tribe. The trapper group contained people who knew Glass and his companions well, including its leader, Johnson Gardner. It was soon noticed that these Indians had Glass’s rifle plus other possessions known to have belonged to his companions and a fight broke out when they were confronted. The Indians were unable to adequately explain how they came to have these items and Gardner reportedly had them scalped and burned alive as retribution.
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        Hoss I have not seen the movie but just finished the Jim Bridger book Mountain Man a great book. It describes the Grizzly event from Bridgers side. The guy who gave me the book also gave me the Revenant book can't wait to start it. I've been obsessed with the Mountain men books this last year can't wait to eventually watch the movie thanks for posting.
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          Good movie they even made a few versions of the story on the old death valley days tv show


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            Thanks for the vid Hoss. They kept on about the maggots which really, saved his life ! He should of just stayed with the tribe who had adopted him. I’m thinking that after all that , if he’d wanted to truly rub out Fitz he would of done it anyway!
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              Hi Matt. I saw the movie when it first came out and thought well enough of it to see it again after it was released for TV. The movie is loosely based on the events in Glass's life so if one wants to see it to learn accurate history then I wouldn't suggest it. But as an action-adventure film with excellent acting and a good story and what appears to be accurate costuming, it was one of the best movies I've seen in recent years. DiCaprio who plays Glass performed at his best and was excellent in the role. The bear attack scene is amazingly realistic. I remember feeling like it was attacking me. Although the movie was not filmed in the area where Glass's adventures took place, the locales look "genuine". By the way, I wouldn't put a lot of stock in that video clip. There were enough inaccurate statements that I wouldn't take that as true history either. But that, too, is an entertaining story.
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