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    not sure what else to call them, so that will work......

    I started watching videos about metal detecting by a guy in Vermont named Brad Martin (Green Mountain Detecting). He knows his history and respects the land he hunts on.

    from there, I came across this couple of guys from South Mississippi. they are called Heartbreaker Relics. i'm about halfway through their video list. They seem to be pretty knowledgeable, and their videos really improved over time. they do it for the love of the history, the artifacts, and being with their friends doing something cool. they aren't scavengers that rape the land and try to sell what they find. they do things the right way, and have a fun time doing it.

    you wouldn't see a grown man cry over finding an arrowhead if it didn't mean something important. they dig a lot, but they creek search too.

    digging trip

    no clue what anyone thinks about these videos, or these folks, but it was nice to come across while stuck at home.

    opinions? suggestions of others to watch?

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    Good ole boys..Saw all the videos, they earn every point...good post.


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      I like heartbreaker relics, my favorite video of there's is when they were creek hunting and the young one was finding alot and they literally had to drag him out when they were done. Reminds me of.... me. When I was younger, my grandfather and his friends had to do that too me regardless if I was finding anything or not.
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