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Burnt Rock Midden?

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  • Burnt Rock Midden?

    I found what may be a burnt rock midden. The burnt rocks cover a linear area of about 100 x 15 yards in length. It’s on the edge of three separate properties, and a road cuts through it. The photos I have viewed, and articles I’ve read online describe burnt rock middens as mounds with broken rocks tossed out to the sides. This does not fit the description; therefore I would appreciate your opinion on what this is. I have also been on the Gault Site tour not far from this property, and they showed an example of a burnet rock midden that looked different to what I have found. When my family bought the property, I assumed it was a wet weather creek until I started finding arrowheads, blanks and various tools on the surface of the property and took a closer look.
    Some of the rocks are buried and some are on the surface. There are also non -burnt rocks in the same area. Some of the rocks look like there is a residue of organic material and the majority of the rocks have cuts into them as shown in the photo. There is a field on one side, so I also thought that perhaps the cuts came from a plow. What do you think?
    Also, I’m not suggesting that the sphere was used with it, I’m just showing depth.

    Click image for larger version

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    Thank you!

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    Were they found right on top ??  And if so dig down and see if there is any below the surface ...
    they may be the result of a forest fire
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      Hello, do you have any pics of your points and other tools found at your site. Do they look the same way?


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        Hi, thank you for the response. I initially thought that there was a forest fire, but started to question that, because the burned rocks are only in a vertical pattern and a lot are burned all the way around, especially the smaller ones. I do know of some property close by that caught on fire recently, so I will take a look at the rocks in that area to compare. That gives me something to look into, so thanks for the suggestion. Also, I only dug one hole, and found two burned rocks about 6-12 inches below the surface, which is where I threw in the towel…LOL. I will make a point to dig more next weekend. Thanks!


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          Hi Stasdab,
          None of the points, drills etc. look like they were in a fire, but that is coming from someone who has only seen one fire-burned artifact and it was pink. There is one small scraper/knife that looks fairly shiny, and slightly discolored, but I’m leaning towards patina. I also found one blank near the burnt rocks that has black spots all over it, but not sure if that’s mold . That piece has a sharp break. I will try to upload some photos of those two. Thank you.


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            Well they certainly look burnt but sorry I can't venture a guess as to how or why. I would love to see some of your arrowheads and especially the drills.
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