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  • Corolla NC Second Find

    I found my first arrowhead a few months ago in Corolla NC... right out of the ocean. Today I said to my daughter, "can you find an arrowhead please?" As a joke... she then looked down and BAM... an arrowhead in the sand. Is this real? Fake gift shop junk? If it is real can you tell me about it? Thanks!!

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    In my opinion, the material is not typically what Native Americans used in North Carolina. Also it looks too thick. I believe you had found a lost, modern made arrowhead.


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      I have to agree. I've never seen any points other than quartzite on the OBX. This is one odd looking material.
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        Dangit... but thank you!!!!


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          (I just looked up fake arrowheads and yup it looks like those. At least we got the real thing this summer... we will keep on hunting!)


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            No doubt the material is weird but maybe not that weird? Corolla is up north on the Outer Banks and you don’t have to go that far inland in VA. to find materials not common in NC. The edges on that point look smooth and not recently knapped? If you honestly found it in the surf it may be real? If the edges are sharp I will have to agree with the other comments.

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              I don't know much about our coastal lithics I'm in WNC but I wouldn't discount it so easily. It looks sand rolled to me. And if your daughter found it on the beach yea I would think legit. Might be some form of coastal plains chert? In other words I agree with Von.


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                to me it doesnt look like you typical tourist shop mass produced India arrow head(to nicely made for that)

                however it doesnt look ancient either
                the ridges between the flakes are to crisp to have been in the water for a long time
                the material looks like a type of burlington to me

                i know a lot of knappers that would toss that point when they dont get the base to match on both sides(i would have reworked it until it matched)

                but i could be way off base with my thoughts on it
                but thats what it looks like to me


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                  Thank you to everyone! I plan to look up everything you all wrote!


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                    That’s a really neat beach find for NC! It is an interesting material and patina. It looks like a Kirk corner notched point which would make it pretty old! Funny that I saw this post today, I’m right down the road in kill devil hills this week, but I live in Beaufort county. Good luck and keep posting your finds!