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What type of arrowhead is this?

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  • What type of arrowhead is this?

    I found this last week on some property that we have in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s made of obsidian. Does anyone know what type of arrowhead it is? I’m hoping to find the type so that I can date it. Thanks for any info you can give.

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    Out of my range but sure is some nice material !!!
    As for me and my house , we will serve the lord

    Everett Williams ,
    NW Arkansas


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      I'm with G10, nice find but no help here. Be patient and someone will eventually come along with an answer.


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        Well, thanks for looking! Yes, G10 I love the material. The obsidian is very clear and there are some stripes in it when held up the the light. I’ve never found an arrowhead of this shape, so I’m excited to learn more about it.

        Sorry, all my pictures are uploading sideways. Click image for larger version

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          If you crop the photos before you upload them they will not be sideways, also if you choose the full-size tab before inserting the photo it will appear full-sized instead of as a thumbnail.

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        It's a dandy point you found and the lithic is beautiful. Wish I could help on the ID but it is way out of my range. Have you tried to check on some of the online point ID resources that are available? If not, a good place to start may be this site:


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          I was just looking at projectile points Cal because I like the obsidian so much . Then you came on .
          There are a couple that look like that . Vandenberg contracting stem .
          Overstreet has one to that looks like that same type to .
          no expert here at all . Says mid Archaic .
          look that up till a Cal expert comes on.


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            Just following Joe’s instructions BTW ( sailor joe)


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              Now the one in the book looks just like your point says small
              Then I go online and it says medium and does not look like your point .
              Novice but trying


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                Thank you sailorjoe for the link. I’ve been trying to type it myself, but I find it difficult. When you are typing it, is it more important to look at the stem shape, the point shape, or the arrowhead shape as a whole? That’s where I get confused. And thank you, Tam, for your assistance as well. The Vandenberg definitely looks similar in the stem and shoulders.