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Missouri surface find...small tool question

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  • Missouri surface find...small tool question

    I found this in west central Missouri. Could it be a broken point that was reworked into a drill and then wore down to a nub or could it have been a scribe or perforator? When I found it I didn't think much of it...I thought that it was a broken point, but after cleaning it up a bit it's got me wondering if it wasn't used as some kind of small tool. Any help would be greatly appreciated...I apologize for pic quality. Thanks, Tim

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    Yeah likely an exhausted point/knife that was worked into a specialized tool such as a perforator or graver. Those are always cool finds and we see them from all time periods from Paleo they Historic. Thanks for sharing!
    Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


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      Nice little point that was reworked down to a nub. Special because it saw more action than some.
      Michigan Yooper
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        Yeah that’s a cool little find . Agree with above posts .