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What kind of point is this?

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  • What kind of point is this?

    I found this in an antique store three weeks ago. The owner guaranteed it to be authentic. But what is it? I found a few points similar to it, but nothing definite. The material is most likely chert. This arrowhead was found either in North Eastern KY or Southern Ohio.
    Penny for size comparison. Its not as cool as a Dovetail, or a Clovis, but I like it!

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    Looks like a small amount of base is broke off and the point has been re sharpened several times. It is hard for me to get a true estimate of point size but if it had a rounded base that was broke off and the blade was several times bigger and longer it could be in Adena family. There is several more round base points that was re sharpened so you might want to look at bigger points that was re sharpened to get your answer


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      I never thought of that. thank you!