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Abrader or geofact?

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  • Abrader or geofact?

    Found this going down the hill from a site with lots of debitage and tools. I never trust myself with non-knapped artifacts; does it look like it could be some sort of abrader, or are the grooves in the rock some sort of natural formation? They aren't very deep, but they're definitely there and prominent.

    To show the trip wasn't a total waste, I found a nice little graver, a scraper, and a piece of a biface (on the far left, maybe a broken preform that got worked into a scraper, judging from the edge), along with a nice little piece of old ceramic and a marble! Not to mention lots of flakes...

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    Interesting. Not sure about the stone, but are those other pieces quartz or something else?


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      Natural on the stone imo but the rest are a good sign of something good


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        I'm leaning natural on the stone too, but thought I should ask since it's weird. Lots of flakes, hoping to go back soon and find something more exciting. And yes, the pieces are quartz (like 99% of everything here in North GA), although I found one tiny chert flake.


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          You must be close to Alabama or SC to be finding mostly quartz