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Artifact or geofact? CT amateur inquiry

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  • Artifact or geofact? CT amateur inquiry

    Hey there people who know things! I came across this stone while clearing some topsoil at my home in Connecticut and wondering if it’s artifact or geofact? Aside from the serrated edge, I don’t see anything that screams possible Human working, but I’m just a lowly amateur rock hound.

    i was struck by how well it fits in the hand. There’s a notch on the “back” side in the perfect position for applying pressure to the edge (for a right-gander anyway. Any feedback appreciated
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    Click image for larger version

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      Oh, and I should add - found in Fairfield County, Connecticut


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        Read our tutorial about posting pictures and then load some new photos. I removed the links you shared because they were password protected welcome to
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          Thanks Hoss! Glad to be here. I’m having some tech difficulty uploading from my phone. Will probably be a couple days before I can get to a desktop. Can you remove the post and I’ll just repost when everything is working?

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        Welcome. I agree with Hoss, the picture is not clear enough to determine anything.
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          Yup....gonna need some clearer pics before we can take a guess here...there are several Connecticut people on this forum that are pretty savvy with this stuff


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            Hey welcome from new Haven County....I need better pics . I cant tell if imI'seeing opposing notches like on a net I have about 40 weights found on the housatonic river in Shelton ... Red