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Coastal Carolina quartz find

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  • Coastal Carolina quartz find

    My daughter and I stopped the four wheeler in the middle of a field randomly just cruising around on her 9th birthday the other day and I said oh my what’s that on the ground right beside us. She about fell off to pick it up she was moving so fast. All smiles! This is only the 4th point we have found here on this farm in the last four years, so it’s really special and for her to pick it up on her birthday was just fantastic. Really made my month! She has been watching me bring home pointy rocks her whole life so she was beaming from getting one of her own! I thought she would want to keep it in her room, but she said daddy I want to keep it in there with yours. So even better it’s safe with mine. kids are funny!
    I would like some input on the type for this point.
    Side notched points around here are mostly Halifax which it doesn’t look like. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe a side notched woodland point that I’m not aware of. Maybe it’s actually a resharpened down old Kirk. I don’t know I’m running in circles. Ha! Thanks for looking

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    Well congratulations , thats a nice story and find. The first type that came to my mind was a palmer or possibly a Amos?


    • Bloody Fourth
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      Thanks pointhound, I’m definitely looking at Palmer.

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    Hey Will, That's a dandy quartz point. Glad the birthday Girl was there to pick it up. Special Day for sure.
    Michigan Yooper
    If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything


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      Good find Bloody what an awesome birthday present bet she was thrilled! Yea strange looking base I'm guessing Palmer as well. That is some pretty Quartz.
      N.C. from the mountains to the sea


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        Always nice when the kids find something and even better on her birthday, don't know what it is.
        South East Ga. Twin City


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          Nice find..congrats to theyoung lady...happy birthday find....that base looks like it is lobed
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          SW Connecticut


          • Bloody Fourth
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            Thanks red rocks, It does look lobed and I’m looking at St. Albans as a possibility

          • PointHound
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            Thanks for correcting me redrocks. I don't know why I was seeing a convex base. I think you would be right with the St. albans Bloody Fourth. Sorry about that!

          • redrocks
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            Hey point hound. ..yw man

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          It’s an old Archaic point with that base and corner notch especially if that is a Palmer .
          I might want a broken Palmer out of quartz then a whole of a common Chert .
          Thats a well made point for quartz .
          Happy Birthday ..


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            St Albans or resharpened Kirk has my vote! Killer that it was found from a 4 wheeler! Congrats!
            North Carolina


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              The point is nice, and HB to daughter. The best part, is that the story is soooo Righteous !
              Lubbock County Tx