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  • Hammerstone?

    Hey all......found this a few weekends ago.....not sure why i brought this home other than found at location at one of my sites and thought it may be artifact related.....i thought maybe hammerstone, has a smooth cortex except for what has been knocked away either by human interaction or natural process....what are your thoughts, should i have left it right where i found it😉......nw middle tn find Click image for larger version

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    Benny / Western Highland Rim / Tennessee

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    Feel like context is essential to recognizing these types of rough pieces. I'd lay twenty-to-one that it is, in fact, a hammer-stone or similar artifact. Nature would have a hard time breaking it so conveniently, but one may never notice it, or think it so, without it having been discovered on site.
    It's big for a hammer but may have been used with direct or indirect percussion on hardstone. Probably too big to be used for flaking except maybe for spalling something big.


    • Benji
      Benji commented
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      Thanks tom, yes i dont know has those weird chunks knocked off all around it, but wasnt sure and didnt want to leave it there and regret it later for not picking it up

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    Hammerstone i.m.o…
    there often overlooked and undesirable to many.
    they come home with me… can’t leave them there, can we?…👍
    Southeastern Minnesota’s driftless area


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      Sure looks like the kind of wear that my hammer stones acquire over time. I have a particular hammer stone that I also use as an abrader.


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        Probably is a hammer but I would of left it lol there are better examples to be found
        NW Georgia


        • Benji
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          Thanks surface.....maybe ill carry back to that spot and leave it there😔

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        looks like the kind of tools that are shown left near quarry sites



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          I agree with all Ben, I would have lugged it home too. And then as you wondered why. K
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