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First ever find: Nodena Classic perhaps?

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  • First ever find: Nodena Classic perhaps?

    Found Central Indiana, United States, in a creek bed. My kiddo found it. I am only guessing Nodena based on Google searches. I have never found an arrowhead before. Anyone have more accurate identification or information?

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    Hi taylorr and welcome to our forum from Alabama. Regarding the type. I never found a Nodena and my old hunting grounds supposedly falls within their range of distribution. Although your point looks like it could be a Nodena base upon its outline, the resources I have all say that Nodenas are ellipitical in cross section whereas your point is flattened in cross section. Maybe some Nodenas turned out flattened, who knows. But what I see does not able me to call it a Nodena. Nevertheless it is a dandy point. Maybe this will whet your appetite to start looking for them and join the ranks of many on our forum who have a passion for this hobby.


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      nice blade


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        You can't find potato chips that thin


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          Nice find and welcome to the forum.
          Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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            My profile picture has a bunch of classic Nodena points from the Nodena site and a few other sites in Arkansas and Missouri. They are one of types that were likely cached as quivers of arrows. (Perino excavated them hafted on shafts, but didn't carry a camera. The shafts were basically stains in the dirt.)

            There are similar points found at Mississippian typically the Ft Ancient & Caborn-Welborn sites in Indiana. Willow Leaf is a more common name for them in Indiana, but like Nodena they come in a utilitarian version and a cache quality version.

            Any chance you are near the Wabash River? (They are found more in the Wabash drainage than the White River drainage.)

            A picture of the cache ones from my collection- ex Townsend

            Click image for larger version

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            Hong Kong, but from Indiana/Florida


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              Wow Joshua. Those are some amazing points you have acquired. Your post is very informative. Thanks.

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            Nice one for the kiddo! Keep hitting the gravel bars in that creek and you'll get your first one.


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              Sweet blade/point. Welcome, also from central Indiana!
              Central Indiana


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                Hay Taylor it really doesn't matter for me what they call it. It's a sweet Artifact. K
                Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.