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Please help! Need to identify arrowheads found in arkansas

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  • Please help! Need to identify arrowheads found in arkansas

    I was recently given this collection and have little knowledge about what they are and how much they're worth. All I know is they are from arkansas. Any response or information is greatly appreciated

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    Most of the points are field grade points not worth a lot would better to keep and enjoy them. they are out of my area to i.d.
    South East Ga. Twin City


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      Welcome to our forum Brenna. I agree with willjo. Nice to have, maybe you can add to this collection. Kim from Pa.
      Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.


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        Welcome from west central Florida..Can’t help on the ID....What’s their worth..Maybe a couple of steak dinners ..What Willjo said.


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          The contracting stemmed points most likely Gary variants. The big stemmed at bottom left and one above it look to be worn Smiths. Go to projectilepoints and look at stuff found in central to southern Arkansas. Based on materials represented that would be best guess for provenance. Several are made from Novaculite, whch is mainly sourced in the Ouachita mts, and the black point looks to be heat treated Pitkin.


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            Not a great deal of monetary value here but they tell a story of the early people from the state of Arkansas or even better a particular site in Arkansas. This is where the true value is if you can possibly obtain this info….Thanks for sharing!
            North Central Kentucky