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    We all have finds from the past we could share I think it would be a good thing to have a page for just that. We already have pages for recent finds. I know there are many collectors that still have beautiful finds but not recent or maybe they can't get out anymore and I feel it would be a good thing to see. Just an idea
    NW Georgia,

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    I really like that idea .
    I feel the people that just found something should have the
    stage as they are out there in all the seasons . We know when a front comes through and a person in that part of the country posts you get excited to see what they have .
    It’s just a completely different experience and vibe .
    But on the flip side some of the members that have just museum quality finds should have an area to add an excitement and more so educational area for the forum and people all over the world to see .
    I for one would love to see more of Ron Kelly’s stellar hard stones we only get a glimpse of once a year when some thread comes up . Hal’s collection my goodness who has more then Willjoe Johnny out there .
    Jethro has a dalton I forgot what it looks like so do you Glenn.
    The list is to long to bring up everyone’s name but I think it’s a great idea to start a new area for threads on past awesome finds .
    Imagine what’s out here with this group !


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      Tam you expressed my thoughts exactly but much better.

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    I think bringing out the best of the best would be a great educational area . It would show the world what some of the members have . It’s enthusiasm and great to learn from .
    I believe it could possibly become one of the most watched threads on this site .
    We have a reference page but this would be an add on to what we already have with rotating artifacts that are in perfect shape like Hal is showing .
    To start a group one is brilliant love it !!
    inquiring minds want to see and know .


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      I like this idea.

      i know a lot of you guys (and gals)are sitting on some old finds that are stellar.
      Wandering wherever I can, mostly in Eastern Arkansas, always looking down.


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        We do already have a 'Best of the Best' section but it was corrupted during a forum software update and has only recently been restored. Also, we had to make it 'read only' for forum members because folks took to posting things they found which they were personally proud of, but weren't necessarily 'best of the best' in the spirit of what that section was intended for... ie a showcase of things (or great information) that we didn't want to become lost in the mists of time.

        Feel free to nominate any threads for inclusion into 'Best of the Best'. Mods with admin rights can make a copy of such threads into that section if they deserve to be there, and that copy leaves the original thread where it was originally posted. Once the copy is made, only the original thread can be added to or commented on by forum members.
        I keep six honest serving-men (they taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.


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          I really like this idea. I just don't get out to hunt like I did when I was younger. So I post mostly in the show and tell. This would be a good category for me. Kim
          Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.


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            I have a few to Kim. You wouldn't know it by the ones I've been posting but I have had some good finds in the past.
            NW Georgia,


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              With legs gone to rubber past finds is all I can post.
              SE IA


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                Doctor says i have arthritis in both knees. Not bad yet but won't be long.

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                Get eem while you can.