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"Put on your foil hats!" Effigy and bust stone posts

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  • "Put on your foil hats!" Effigy and bust stone posts

    As I've been casting about here and there across the forum, I've noticed I'm not the only one who sees images in stone. Seems like it would be pretty entertaining to see a lot more. Who knows a real bust or effigy might otherwise not be posted!

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    It’s a beginner thing jake you will get past it with knowledge as you keep looking and collecting.
    NW Georgia,


    • Mailman
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      I also see the habit in my local friends who indulge in certain self-medications. Herbal and pharmaceutical, alike. To each his own, lol.

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    Here is a genuine ancient effigy from our Info Center. Seeing images where they were not actually created by human agency is pareidolia. It’s common, it’s human, it’s a fun way to allow one’s imagination free rein. And obviously new folks, who do not realize their imagination is at work, arrive her at times, not uncommon, making this very mistake with rocks, not artifacts. Because it is a mistake, and does not involve actual effigies, we should want to actually discourage this, IMO, not encourage it. Perhaps such threads could appear in “off the wall” category, but the less such non effigies the better. At least in a forum dedicated to real artifacts and helping people distinguish rock from artifact. Not a party pooper. Yes, I can see the fun value, so should be in a non serious category, if at all. JMHO....

    Posted by [CMD] A Turtle Effigy from Narragansett Bay Found on Narragansett Bay (Saunderstown, North Kingston, not far from the Jamestown Bridge) in 1936. Made of
    Rhode Island


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      It’s such a beauty Charlie

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    I see things too ! The ghost of Buckwheat has been driving me crazy for years ! Might be a speck on the corrective implant where my cataract was though... ! Except that one pic redrocks posted years ago, that was a ghost !
    Lubbock County Tx


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      Once your learning curve gets to the level suggested by Glenn/Surface Hunter you will not want to see posts by folks that imagine all kinds of things when they see rocks that when turned a certain way may resemble the head of some kind of animal. It is a novelty thing. Most folks seem to get over it. Those that don't and have a hard time getting over it often get a hard time by other forum members. We generally cut new members a lot of slack.


      • SurfaceHunter
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        I hate that stuff now but yes it’s a learning curve someone has to overcome

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      I have a whole menagerie of animals, but it’s my fertile imagination that feeds them! Sometimes thot I’d show my zoo in the off the wall section. Of course, my giant sloth might be someone’s else’s mammoth....
      Digging in GA, ‘bout a mile from the Savannah River


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        Lol! I'm a newb to the core, and even I realize what you all are saying. Yes... Almost all are just Maya, (mental masterbation). Yet seeing some of the comments on this matter strengthens my proposal! I've seen it here a few times, and in other in the field. To serious.... People begin to get so serious they forget to enjoy why 90% of us got drawn to look for such things to begin with! To enjoy the Mothers beauty, to awe at the raging rivers, to let the mind relax and say hey... That cloud really does look like an elephant. It was a thing for fun only. Hence the name.


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          Well get some of those cloud pictures up on the outdoor thread . Trust me many will follow . Anyone who enjoys the outdoors Jake has many more loves then just the rocks . That’s why there are so many different subjects .


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            I'm like Surface Hunter I just roll my eyes and yell "Not Pareidolia again" Kim
            Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.


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              I love my Pareidolia! Just keep to self mostly (after all, it’s personal entertainment!)