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Still having problems with Messaging link

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  • Still having problems with Messaging link

    I've tried different browsers, Firefox included, and I still get the same problem when clicking links like messanger should take me to my inbox but it shows a picture of someone's avatar or here recently started showing me some kind of developer input screen or something (I took a screenshot). Makes it hard to reply to topics if I can't get to them. It does it with all links even the home link.
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    Justin, when there is a "message" the message bar in the upper right will show red.
    And there will be a number associated with how many messages there are.
    At the moment there are no messages awaiting my viewing so mine is not red. Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.PNG Views:	1 Size:	16.8 KB ID:	255879
    The messages can be anything from a notification that someone liked your post, or commented on your post right on up to a private message from another member.
    Click on the red message and you will be taken to another screen showing the individual messages.
    If you click on those you will then be taken to the spot you want.
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      Yes sir. When I click on the messanger link it doesn't take me to the inbox page, it shows me... I don't know what it is, privacy or licence sources maybe
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        My messanger is red with 5 in it right now but if I click on it it doesn't go to inbox
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