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    what does insitu stand for . I think I need to start doing that . And I understand why

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    It means untouched. Left lying on the ground as first seen.
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      Very good bruce In-situ is how found a pic records this but in situ is more for found in the ground and is in place with dating to record age
      Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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        From the Latin:

        in si·tu
        ˌin ˈsīto͞o,ˌin ˈsēto͞o/
        adverb & adjective
        adverb: insitu
        1. in its original place.
          "mosaics and frescoes have been left in situ"
          • in position.
            "her guests were all in situ"


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          It's not insitu if it's found on the ground out of the original context. For insitu it must be in it's original place of deposition. We say insitu for surface finds anyway.... I found a scrapper insitu the other day lol
          Professor Shellman


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            Yeah, as we use the term on artifact forums, we usually use it to denote what a surface find looks like before we lay a hand on it, or move it in any way. Some collectors dig and can get in-situs that way, but even then, the dig should reflect professional standards where you're going down literally centimeters at a time. Most collectors who dig are going about it at less then professional standards. Here, most of our in-situs are of surface finds, so we're using the term loosely. Still, it's a fun thing to do, and all surface hunters like the rush of seeing something laying at our feet, fully or partially exposed.

            My favorite form of surface find in-situs are those that show a lot of the surrounding setting, even the horizon. You don't see those often because such photos can tip people off as to the exact location at times, but general setting in-situs, and some are good at getting the correct angle for such shots, even laying down on the ground to achieve it, since they usually require very low angle shots, are the best surface find in-situs, IMHO....