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    Is there an app for Arrowhead???

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    They have an app for everything...not a bad idea...
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      Can you be more specific as to type of app or what you want it to do?
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        Some forums have apps, so you can access a forum that way, rather then via the internet. There is no app for I'm assuming that's what you are referring to, Debbie. Correct me if I'm mistaken.
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          Some people have been using an app like TapaTalk to access several forums with the same look/format.. Free app for apple and android... I haven't used it, I just got used to each forum on it's own...
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            There are so many answers to that. I heard at one time someone was working on an app to put in location of finds dimensions of find stem triangle corner notch and the app would help determine the type you found . That was maybe 5 years ago. I am not sure if they ever came about. If you are asking if there is an app . No but there are apps to help with forums for people using using mobile devices. We do not support any at this time but we are working torward that as more and more people are starting to use mobile device rather than the old desktop lap top . Platform devlopers are really up against it because new devices come out all the time. Android and Apple are so different the protocols and buig fixes just drive developers crazy. The industry changes so rapidly the developers have trouble keeping up. With a forum like this it is supported by maybe 40 differnet things that happen when you log in. If one thing has a bug and the developers repair it, it could effect five other things . So you see it is never an easy thing when thing are always in flux like the internet. It is ever changing. We are ever changing the way we do things. It is human nature to want it faster . To want it easier.
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