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My post in Off The Wall Topics is un-approved

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  • My post in Off The Wall Topics is un-approved

    What did I do wrong. Nothing X rated ?

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    You did nothing wrong. From time to time, certain combinations of words, phrases, punctuation or text formatting seem to be auto-detected by the forum as 'suspicious'. I don't think we ever got to the bottom of why. On the old forum such phrases contained perfectly innocent things but in combinations which also happened to be used as commands in SQL computer programming language and were perceived by the forum software as unauthorised attempts to hack data or whatever. I think something similar happens on the new forum, resulting in the post being referred to Mods for approval.

    In that case, we (Mods) get a little red flag notice. When I get those flags I just take a quick look at the content and approve the post without further ado. It's just a random, but infrequent occurrence. I approved a couple recently (can't remember if one of them was yours) and probably do this 2 or 3 times in a month. I expect other Mods do the same.
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      Thank you, thanks for your help.

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      Not surprisingly, that used to happen to me frequently (it seemed), and suspected was being dissuaded from clogging up forum with just chatter. But, eventually saw it happened when re-re-re edited a post back-to-back. OldRocks, I feel privileged to have been a “flagee” along with you!