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Chrome Browser Login Refusal

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  • Chrome Browser Login Refusal

    I noticed my password is regarded as “invalid” when I try to sign in with the Chrome browser. The Safari browser allows login with the password. I’m up to 4 of the 5 allowed attempts using Chrome. After 5, not sure what happens. I have not gone the “forgot password” route to try creating a new password, because I don’t know why I should have to change it. Also concerned if I do that, I will be shutout altogether somehow.

    Cleared chrome cache, hard reset on IPad. But afraid to try a 5th time if it results in being locked out indefinitely. Of course, I can use Safari, but this glitch needed to be noted at any rate, and if it can be corrected, that would be my preference.
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    I had a similar issue with Chrome, unfortunately I have a lot of misc passwords I don't want to reset, so cleaning my cache isn't an option.
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      I signed on with my phone a couple times this week using chrome and had no issues.
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        Well, simplest solution is to simply not use Chrome for this forum anymore. Just stick to Safari will be fine….
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