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  • Can’t Post Photos

    I'm new today .I can't load a photo .Is it because I'm new?

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    I had the same issue trying to post from an iPhone. I resized the images and was able to post after that.
    Hope this helps.


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      There is a two mega byte limit per photo. Our5 forum is picture image heavy. The limit helps the pages load faster. I have found with my wife's iPhone twelve if I just crop the photos they will load.
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        I take Picts with two different types. The camera Picts. load without any work. My smart pone is different. I must email the pict. to myself and then re-size it to the forum Mega Bytes. I use a 35 setting and that loads just fine. So welcome to our forum Calypso. Now your one of us. We have a good time here, I hope you will too. Kim from Central Pa.
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          Welcome from west central Florida 👍🇺🇸


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            Originally posted by Calypso View Post
            I'm new today .I can't load a photo .Is it because I'm new?
            Calypso, since your question was originally buried in another members thread, I moved it to this section and titled it appropriately. In case you’re wondering. Do let us know how you make out. It’s likely just a resizing issue. And welcome to the forum.
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