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Myans in the South East

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  • Myans in the South East

    If you live in the South East and find swiftcreek pottery
    along with other cultural artifacts there is a cross over with Myan culture in designs .
    Now I have always wondered how or why the Myans traveled
    so far . If you are interested I screen shot some links to look up . I didn’t put them up as one is 64 pages long and I don’t want to flood the thread with this .
    But I studied this in school and none of this was available
    back then . We had the Encyclopedia copy 1953 and limited library books . I cannot believe the meteor with the tsunami .
    Just found this interesting and anyone that wants to look this up .

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    Hope this comes up


    • 2ndoldman
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      It may help if you simply add the link instead of trying to upload all of those pictures

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    Hi Tam. I've visited Richard Thornton's website many times and I've read lots of what he has written about Mayan connections with southeastern cultures. IMO one needs to read his writings with a very critical frame of mind. Some of what he says stretches my limits of believability regarding the Mayans and Peruvian connections. Other things he writes seem very reasonable. I think he often uses his imagination in more creative ways than do most folks with his fairly high level of knowledge. I do find his writings interesting for the most part even those that are not based on "hard" evidence. He has attracted a small following of people but always seems to be at war with the professional archeologists in his area. But that is not always a bad thing. Antiquated ideas like, for example, the way Asians first got to America down an ice free corridor as the continental glaciers were receding after the Wisconsin Glaciation, is dying such a slow death.


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      Joe thank you as usual , I will look him up now . Hopefully I can acquire one of his books as I would love to have that in my collection


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        Personally, I would not waste my money on Thornton. Here is a skeptical view with links to others. Once one sees Scott Wolter of the History Channel's America Unearthed supporting Thornton, red flags should go up all over the place, IMHO....

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        • sailorjoe
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          Hi Charlie. I am in tune with you regarding Thornton. I check his website once every few weeks or so to see what he is saying. He is always interesting but not always believable.

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        I agree with Charlie.
        Child of the tides


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          Wow thank you .. you group of mentors .
          much appreciation .


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            Reading all this . JUST FASINATING
            AGAIN THANK YOU .