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  • Lost Lake

    Lost Lake
    8,500-9,500 B.P.
    Early Archaic

    A medium to large size, broad, corner notched point that is beveled on one side of each face. The beveling continues when resharpened which created a flat rhomboid cross section. Most examples are finely serrated and exhibit high quality flaking and symmetry. Also known as Deep Notch, and typed as Bolen Bevel Corner Notched in Florida

    Named from types found in the Lost Lake area of Limestone co. Alabama and found in adjoining states and as far North as S. Ohio and Indiana. Medium to large corner notched point that is usually beveled on one edge of each blade face. Early archaic in age.

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    This one is 4.8” long and is in the collection belonging to Jon. E. Busch.

    Click image for larger version

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